Thursday, September 30, 2004

Daily lack of stench

We hope. The recent litterbox misses seem to have been Emily's not-too-subtle way of telling us that she really doesn't like covered litterboxes. We took the covers off, and the problem went away. Of course, with four boxes in the house you would think she could find a suitable one, but who am I to argue with Her Emilyness.

The boxes were covered in the first place because of overspray by the boys. That problem seems (we hope) to have been taken care of by moving the box away from vertical surfaces. Thereby tripling the amount of lost floor space, but never mind.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe it's a good week for kitties - we seem to have solved our problem as well (bang, bang, bang - that's me knocking on wood) by getting rid of the conventional litterboxes and buying large plastic boxes from walmart that might be used for storage. They are high enough to keep the litter in, low enough for them to hop into and there are now 4 of them. One of them also has a different type of litter, just for fun, and seems to be very popular. Clink - here's to continued success for both of our households!