Thursday, October 7, 2004

Raiding the Kitchen

We finished phasing out lunch for the cats yesterday, they now get fed twice a day. (I'm glad I'm not around to hear them mew about the last time they remember being fed was a week before we adopted them in June.)

In any case, I barreled home from working late to get dinner on the table (on the floor, actually) for them. Knowing they had no lunch, I got the boys' dry food bowls down with the left overs from lunch, and all three cats attacked it with gusto.

(Yes, Emily was shoulder to shoulder with the boys, and we had peace in our time as everyone had food on the brain. I had to pry to her loose to get to eat her own food when I got it down.)

While they got started on the dry food, I put their wet food (1/8 can each) in the bowls on the fly. The attention this got reminded me why I normally fill the bowls well out of reach of the cats. I was missing a cat food can lid, so I tucked the spare open can out of the way in the sink, and took Emily's food up to her suite.

I then collapsed and watched an inning of baseball playoffs, or most of one. I was interrupted by the boys being up on the counter in the kitchen; when I looked they were attacking the spoon I left in the sink after I served them dinner with it.

Oh wait. I also left the open kitten food can in the sink, and a full scale buffet raid was in progress. I gently booted them to the floor and gave them kitty treats for dessert, because they are so good at training their human...


  1. I saw where this one was headed as soon as you left the can in the sink!

  2. Obviously, so did the boys. Emily would have seen it too, if we didn't feed her in her suite with the door closed so the boys don't bother her.