Sunday, December 12, 2004

Inmates Running the Asylum

Katherine jumped on a plane to San Francisco yesterday to attend IEDM for her day job (which is not, in fact, self-heating Emily cushion).

That leaves me in charge, although of course the cats do whatever they want to.

So far ...
  • Billy decided my side of the bed is warmer, and so tried to use me as a pillow.
  • I kicked at least three burrowers out from under the covers.
  • Whitey got lonely again. Alot. In the middle of the night (of course).
  • The boys asked for breakfast at 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM (on a Sunday morning). I held the line on that one for their usual 8 AM serving.
  • The boys climbed up to the optics shelf in the closet and dumped half the items off of it, including my camera. One pair of binoculars even landed in the closet litter box (which was reasonably clean).
  • We played with the teaser both last night and this morning.
  • After every teaser work out, everone got kitty treats.
  • I opened my sunny side office window for an hour (in 43 degree weather); all three cats took turns looking/sniffing out. Alas, there was some line cutting, in particular by Billy.
  • My office is like Grand Central Station. At one point, all three cats were in here. All three have at least considered naps on the printer stand.

... and Katherine has only been gone 17 hours.

They'll have me ordering take out sushi (I don't even like sushi) by the time Katherine gets back.

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  1. Hope the cats enjoy their "vacation." At least you have company while Katherine's gone.