Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Read the eye chart please ... M - E - O - W

Emily's left eye has had a mild discharge for at least a couple of weeks, like it is tearing excessively. I was home ducking a minor snow storm, which meant I actually thought of getting her looked at during business hours.

Net result is that we took Emily out in the storm to the vet.

It's probably conjunctivitis, there is no scratch or anything else obviously wrong with her eye. So we have been given an oinment to apply three times a day for a week.

And it only took Emily an hour to forgive us for the snow, the cat carrier, the car ride, and of course the vet poking at her. (Kitty treats helped.)

The vet also pointed out she has tartar build up -- does this mean we need to brush her fangs?

1 comment:

  1. But has she forgiven you for rubbing that stuff in her eye two or three times a day?