Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Four Pawed Explorers

The previously threatened basement work was done last week. The mason even thinks the work made the basement waterproof, and to call him if we have any leaks come spring.

Not surprisingly, the basement was covered in dust after all this work, and so our cleaning service was given the special project of cleaning all the surfaces yesterday. The dust is history now.

What the cleaners didn't do well on was closing the basement door after themselves. Katherine got home after a few hours, and as she came in up popped our tiger explorers, fresh from hours of checking out the basement.

I guess we have properly secured the basement against feline hazards, since they did return from their explorations in one healthy piece each instead being found collapsed on the basement floor. But we'll still keep closing the door.

(The cleaners have been yelled at.)


  1. Aw, go ahead and cat-proof the basement and let them explore!
    (This from the woman who hermetically seals her daughter's closet when heading through it to the attic so the cat won't get in, too).

  2. It *was* sort of funny to find a ping pong ball in the middle of the basement floor.... We've been working toward making the basement cat proof, but want to be able to supervise them during their first visits.

  3. We don't want to make the basement cat proof. We want to make it cat safe!