Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Good Morning, World

I have a very optimized morning routine, which is basically out of bed, start hot water in bathroom (wakes up the hot water heater for later), power on my computer (to use later), retrieve morning paper downstairs, and return to bathroom to shut off water and use the facilities.

With Emily's recent problems, she is now promoted to the front of the queue, which actually makes the sequence start with flushing the boys from bedroom, closing the bedroom door, retrieve Emily's upstairs food dish, and serve pre-breakfast to her. This is complicated by the fact that she's generally sitting by (a mostly asleep) Katherine's arm.

However, she does appreciate good service -- she is now greeting me at the foot of the bed for her meal, and is even willing to move to my (now empty) side of the bed to eat it.

Next, we'll be up at 3 AM to feed her.

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