Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hello, I Love You

One of those little changes we've noticed in the past month...

When we arrive home after an absence, the boys have always pretty consistently greeted us if they hear us. Their standard greeting has several parts (some optional):

  1. Checking on our progress into the house from the driveway from a window.
  2. Being in the front hall so we're the first thing they see.
  3. Actively greeting us, for example coming right up us as we enter the door.
  4. Stretching and yawning (if they weren't in the window checking on us in step 1)
  5. Happily prancing into the dining room to lead us to food or cat toys (even if we're not interested in either).

They perform this ritual even if a human is already home. All of this combines to provide an image of happy, loving boys who were relaxed when we were gone and are now glad to see their humans.

Our departed Emily was different. First, she never greeted someone if a valet was already home. Otherwise, her greeting involved quietly coming half way down the stairs, sitting down, and being very still as she stared at us reproachfully for having been unavailable to meet her needs. She offered extra intensity if she had missed a meal, which given she ate every hour she was awake, happened a lot.

We miss our lovely calico, including seeing her when we opened the front door. But we have to admit, we don't miss her official greeting too much.

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