Saturday, December 8, 2007

It's Beginning to Look A Lot like Christmas

With the Kitten Farm West, we have both ~ 75% more space and a room (the library) that has a latching door that the boys can be locked out of without seriously disrupting them or us.

So this year, we're taking plunge and getting a Christmas tree for the first time since they came to run the place. A full sized artificial tree (a first for either of us), so the boys don't poison themselves with the tree water or needles, prewired with lights to reduce the dangling wires which can be attacked,and all plastic bulbs which are shatter resistant.

And of course, we have the library door in case they try mangle it anyway.


  1. Enjoy the tree! But it makes me wonder how our cats have survived all these years with real trees, dangling wires and all kinds of ornaments (granted, we do put the breakable ones high up on the tree).

  2. If we knew, we'd get a real tree. Also remember the catzilla brothers have a 40" floor to paw extension....

  3. The Catzilla brothers are also more rambunctious than some cats, and playtime sometimes includes chasing each other up and down the nearest vertical surface... we decided it was better to minimize the risk up front.