Sunday, March 21, 2010

Photo Weekend Extra: Mind Your Manners

Background: Since Oscar is on the same diet as the Catzilla brothers, we would like to feed all of them in the kitchen together, allowing our upstairs library to lose the litter-box and food bowl.

But today's photograph is quite startling to me, because as the Alpha cat, Billy is not known for letting others chow down while he waits patiently. But there we have it, Billy quietly watching Oscar eat up in the library this morning.


Of course, it has taken several days of valets shooing Billy away when he attempted to take over Oscar's bowl to get this far. We're also helped by Oscar having the confidence to give Billy push back with a paw on the nose as well, which was required today along with a couple strong hints from me. But some progress has been made towards getting the boys to eat together.

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