Monday, June 6, 2011

The Big Kitten

When I mentioned the contract for welcome home treats, I noted that sometimes only some of the cats attend.  What I didn't note was that if a cat is missing, it's likely Whitey (who will be napping under a quilt),  Oscar, or maybe Penwiper.   Billy shows up.  Period.  Our one true alpha cat has his duties, and he takes them seriously.

Many things make me fret about our boys, but after seven years, very little scares me.   Oscar did scare me a little as the Saturday passed after his poor vet visit.  

Billy didn't show up when I got home tonight.  This gave me a scare immediately.  Hearing a soft sad mew as I started looking round for him didn't help, as Billy doesn't merely helplessly mew, ever.  I started opening downstairs doors, and then headed upstairs to check closets.   I felt better as soon as I hit the landing -- I could see the master bedroom door, and it had blown shut.   Upon my opening it,  a safe and relieved Billy trotted out.

I am reminded just how much our kittens depend on us to keep the Kitten Farm safe for them.

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