Sunday, July 9, 2017

This Month at Café Le Matou

A funny thing happened this spring in the dining room.

I took a 10 week college course which met twice a week on the same nights that +Katherine Derbyshire had Aikido class.  Since we both were gone at the official feline dinner time (8:30 PM) and we don't like to feed the boys early, we split it:

  • High Tea (10 grams kibble & 2 kitty treats each) at 6:30 PM before I went to class.
  • The remainder in kibble or wet food equivalent at 10 PM when Katherine got home from class.
The funny thing is, all the boys now eat the pure kibble meals smoothly.  This includes Whitey, who didn't like kibble last year, and tends to ignore it when we sprinkle on wet food.  But they all have been somewhat fickle about wet food lately.

Since they have been fickle, wet food is slower to serve, and wet food is just plain messier, we've gone back to pure kibble for the boys. After a week plus, so far so good.

We are wondering if they'll demand wet food again before or after the four cases (two fish, two chicken) of food we have in the garage expires ...


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