Thursday, July 8, 2004

For Sale: Three Cat Collars, with Bells

When we got the cats, we got collars with bells for each of them to announce his/her presence and thus avoid human/cat collisions.

(When I was ~ 11 years old, one of my sisters stepped on a beloved catten by mistake and broke its back. We were all a little traumatized, and got bells for the remaining cattens).

Not surprising, the collars were originally too big for the boys, and we set them aside.

Noticing how the kittens have grown, especially Billy, I got the collars out and put them on all three cats this morning.

All three cats freaked out, each in their own unique way.

Emily hid under the bed. She came out after a while, but was flakier than normal.

Billy tried chasing his own neck and then moved on to scratching his ringing flea for ~ 30 minutes.

Whitey tried running away from his bell (damn that cat can move), and then settled down and took the collar off. Twice. I didn't see how he did it, but I suspect he hooked a paw under it and pushed until the safety latch popped. Since he had the smallest neck and I had adjusted the collar all the way down for him (but it still had some slack), this is not a complete shock.

Seeing how unhappy they all were and how Whitey had gotten MTTF down to minutes, I relented. We now have three spare collars...

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