Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Mighty Explorer

The boys and their valets moved into the new kitten farm Wednesday evening. After a mere 22 hours in the master bedroom, they were allowed to explore under loose supervision.

Moving Tip # 1, stolen from Bluegrass Millie's experience last Christmas: check who else is in the new walk-in pantry before closing the door.

Fortunately, Billy was missed at dinner and thus discovered in relatively short order.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


While our new web server hasn't physically moved (it's somewhere in Texas), the Kitten Farm staff is now all on the West coast. So our time zone for this blog, including the historical posts, has been changed to US Pacific Time.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Circus Tigers

We're thinking the boys would make good circus tigers if they keep roaring at 4:30 AM. They sure make lousy housemates at that hour.

The Mighty Apartment Hunter

For Saturday night exercise, I lured Billy up the west coast replacement for Tiger Tower to hunt a pom-pom. He and I had not had serious pom-pom work together since before I left for California at the end of March, even though I tried every day to interest him since he got here.

The Mighty Hunter has still got it.

The original Tiger Tower, by the way, was left behind for friends to refurbish and use. As the boys most popular hang out and a favorite cat toy hunting ground for Billy, it was seriously showing its wear and tear, even though it was th last condo put into the service. The replacement is the same design, why mess with success?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

When's Breakfast?

Not all routine actions by the cats meet our approval. For example, Whitey's inability to read a clock and thus go by the sun as to when breakfast should be served, coupled with his power meow to announce this pending event. Thus, Katherine and I were both up by 7:30 AM on a Saturday morning. With no early appointments. After we both had a busy tiring week.

Where's a radio controlled MINI when you need it?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Photo Friday: Helping Mom Work

As the boys settle in to their new (temporary) home, they are discovering that it does have certain advantages. For instance, there's more space between the back of my computer and the edge of the table, making it much easier for the management team to supervise.


How well are the boys adjusting? The photo yawns for itself.

(As always, click for a larger image.)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

When's Dinner?

As noted, the boys sounded pretty healthy before we even saw them. And they were.

What was and is very good for all concerned is not only are they healthy, but that they have relatively adjusted already. They are, mostly, just being themselves -- which is what we want.

Billy was just exploring all over my desk (which he never saw before today). Whitey, meanwhile is exploring Katherine's temporary desk, the dining room table.

Both have been acting like dinner is overdue ... which they always do as the dinner bell approaches.

Happy trivia.

The Kittens Have Landed

The flight out was boring. That's a good thing. You never want flying to be an adventure, especially when you know there are two unhappy cats elsewhere on the plane.

Alaska Airlines gets points for making the whole experience as painless for the human escort as possible. They label each animal carrier with a tag that says, "Relax, we're on board, too." The ground crew pulls the tags when they load the carriers, and delivers them to the flight attendants. Then at the other end, they hand carry carriers back to the owners.

We were pretty sure the boys were okay when we heard them meowing outside the odd-sized luggage door. We figured if we could hear them through a closed metal door, over all the noise of baggage claim, there couldn't be anything too seriously wrong.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Flying Tigers!

Katherine and the boys are in the air winging westward as I write this. They will land just before midnight East Coast time.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Permanent Vacation

The Summerhill Kitten Farm, at least in the form of the 1890 Electronic Farmhouse, is but a memory.

The house still stands waiting for its new owner, but the boys have been sent on vacation in the local Residence Inn, and they will not return. Instead, the contents are being packed for shipping with them out of the way, the truck will leave Tuesday, and on Wednesday Katherine will bring the boys west.

Katherine is staying with them, of course, but they have done their share of mewing about the missing comforts of home.

We're doing the best we can for you, boys. Honest.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Photo Weekend Extra: Somebody to Love

My goal is for the boys feel at home when they get here, with everything from a water fountain, litter boxes, and food dishes to the bed quilt being what they expect. The bed quilt Katherine shipped to me last last week; the rest I can buy duplicates of.

The boys fly coast-to-coast this week, so it was time to visit the local Pet Co for those basics and more.

As a side note, Pet Co sells only supplies for cats and dogs; they doesn't actually sell the pets. Instead, they support pet adoptions. In Massachusetts the local agencies bring volunteers with adoption candidates to the stores during the weekend high traffic hours. Here in Washington, at least for adult cats, they do it differently with a few cats kenneled right at the store by the rescue organization.

Which is how I met Patty Cat last night. She really tugged at my heart strings; she is a Catzilla sized tiger about the same age as the boys, but with the color hues and affectionate gestures of our departed Emilyness.

She made me sad, because we can't take her. Our first responsibility is to the boys, and with all us in temporary housing for a couple of weeks and then adjusting to the permanent Kitten Farm West, we will not want to add a new cat to the mix for months. She's also the wrong age, as we would not want all three growing old (and all that entails) together.

Patty Cat

But please consider this a PSA for your local animal shelter, which always has the pefect sister or even canine cousin of Patty Cat for you.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tiger Punks on Dope Redux

As part of the boys pre-flight check up, the vet gave Katherine "Kitty Valium" to relax the boys during their flight. This is not a deep sedative, but something take the edge off of the scary nature of being trapped in their carriers in a noisy dark place.

The vet specifically said to test the dosage. Katherine started with a half dose a few days ago, which didn't affect them that much. They did sleep most of the dosage period (six hours), but then again those two have never exactly been insomniacs. They were relatively normal when awake.

So she upped the dose to almost a full dose. Billy most assuredly got knocked for a loop by this, he charged up the stairs at one point and a local observer worried for him. Katherine put him in a drunk tank (a cat carrier) and let him sleep it off.

So it looks a like a half dose if we use anything at all.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tiger Punks on Dope

To fly, the boys need a check up from the vet, and he issues health certificates for them. Part of this procedure is to check their stool samples.

Unfortunately, Whitey's sample came back positive for parasites. This means two weeks of daily doses of drugs for both boys, since they share litter boxes. Once the regimen is completed, they will need to be checked again by a vet in Washington.

It doesn't prevent issuing the health certificates, thank goodness, since that would prevent them flying on the appointed day.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Second Verse, Same as The First

This just in from the Kitten Farm east as Katherine and the boys negotiate on their travel conditions:
No collars for the boys. Whitey's escape time was about 10 minutes. It would be faster in a carrier, since he couldn't spend half the time running away from it. He also hid the collar. (Probably behind the tall bookshelf he sleeps on.)

Billy didn't escape, mostly because he may have been afraid to move for fear the collar would pounce on him.

I find the learning to hide the collar since we last attempted to give them collars a nice touch.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Photo Friday: First day of summer

I know the calendar says summer doesn't start until June. Billy says the calendar is wrong. He says summer is here, as documented in our handy guide to cat thermometers.


For those who haven't met him in person, this picture shows why we call him Catzilla. Those floor boards are 2.25" wide. He's a big boy.

Sorry about the poor image quality. The Nikon is on the wrong coast. More important, the Nikon's flash is on the wrong coast.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

On target

Whitey remains stable, at 13 lbs 8.5 oz. Billy is up a little since last time, at 13 lbs 6 oz. Which is good. He was getting a little too skinny for a few weeks there.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Photo Friday: We are NOT Amused

Someone was not happy with me taking photos back in mid-April. No wonder ... I was shooting pictures while inspecting his indoor empire as the new site for the Kitten Farm West, and he doesn't come with the house. So our nameless ruler has to move by late May to make room for the upstart Catzilla brothers.

The King

As an aside, we don't think he's been doing his job. With a house that size (nearly double the current kitten farm), he could burn off some of that kitten fat with a proper patrol of the premises more often.