Friday, October 8, 2010

Almost The Next Best Thing

Whitey was back on his pillow this morning, but after the mid-afternoon kitty treat break, Oscar took a shift. This made Whitey sad when he hopped up on my desk and saw his pillow in use.

However, we made him happy. I cleared off the other end of the desk, and Katherine fetched the mate to the desk pillow from where it normally lives in the library as a window pillow. Now, at both of the extreme left and right edges of my desk, I have a relaxing serene cat each on his own pillow.

And to round it all out, Billy is on the Black Kitty Warmer behind me.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What was Old is New Again

The blue office chair that Whitey prefers for his office naps has been loaned out to help with a temporary housing issue.

Whitey will survive. In fact, as Uber Napper (AKA chief bum), he has exercised his rights and reclaimed the desk pillow that Oscar also takes shifts on.

Looking to my left, this morning's shift is ALL Whitey's. Sleep well, oh Uber Napper.