Monday, August 9, 2004

Ready to Rumble

Emily seems at the center of all sorts of trouble for Whitey.

Yesterday Spider-Cat was parked on the landing of the stairs when Billy decided to stalk Emily on the first floor. Emily bugs out ... up the stairs, and past semi-comatose Whitey on the landing. To Emily, Whitey's role in the evil conspiracy is to block her way, so she swings at him. Fortunately, she missed. (We think).

Fast forward past other minor incidents of that ilk ...

This morning Emily jumped off the bed to go prowling about, and Whitey, who had been crashed in the middle of the bed, wandered over to Emily's favorite corner to sniff about. I observe this leaving the room and pass Emily entering, and I think that Emily won't blindly up jump on the bed without checking her landing zone ... would she? I reverse direction just in time to see her do to exactly that, and land next to the "ambushing" Whitey. Emily issues a battle cry, but is interrupted by my hand pinning her back to the bed. She wiggles free, but the desired delay is achieved, as all parties (including my hand) choose to withdraw from the field of battle.

While Emily is not paranoid (the boys do love a nice stalk), she does work to find offense where there is none.

It should also be noted that with cooler nights the boys (especially Whitey) have taken to sleeping between Katherine and I. With Emily in her usual spot on the bed, this makes Katherine the border between the factions, and leaves her wishing for a baby blue UN Peacekeeping nightshirt. Do they come in Kevlar?

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