Monday, January 24, 2005

Is It Safe?

My brother visited overnight, which showed a new side of the boys.

Background:When we first moved in nearly ten years ago, this was actually the Summerhill Puppy farm, named because of one Winnie the Paws. Alas, Winnie was the wrong dog, especially as we realized she would grow into a beautiful 80 pounds of German Shepard mix. After three weeks puppy Winnie went to my brother, who was a perfect match. He loves her and has trained her the way you need to train 80 pounds of loving teeth and muscle. However, even now Winnie remembers Katherine and I as family.

Fast forward nine years, it was interesting to see how the cats would greet family.

However, I use the word greet loosely. Whitey was calm with my brother, at least until Mist of Doom appeared to discourage the feline from walking on our guest at 3 AM. However, Emily and Billy were barely bribed to come out for kitty treats. But Emily is not easily social in general, and Billy was so skittish that he skipped part of dinner (his only wet food of the day) rather be one room away from my brother for any length of time.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Tubbo, The Mighty Hunter, skipped dinner in order to hide under Katherine's office futon.


  1. If he gets really overweight, you can just ship him to our brother's house for a "spa week."

  2. With Winnie the Paws as hostess, I don't think the Mighty Hunter would enjoy spa week!