Friday, March 25, 2005

Photo Friday: Aerial Ballet

We now present another Photo Friday Double Creature Feature.

This week, proof of how different the boys are once they are off the floor. On the left, we have Billy clinging for dear life, and on the right, we have Whitey out for a claw stabilized stroll. Both photos are accurate; Billy acts like he cannot keep his balance on me, but Whitey will jump to my shoulder from an arm's length away if I promise a treat.

Billy clinging to Drew's shoulders  Spidercat strolling on Drew's shoulders

While typing this sitting down, I just gave Whitey the official kitty on the shoulder signal (i.e. waving an invisible treat). He needed to figure out to move from the sundeck window sill onto the desk so he could launch. Then he was up in a flash, and we were off together through the length of the house to make the treat real.

This was the first time he did the trick at my desk.

With Billy, we've given up on shoulder training since the photographs were taken. It just wasn't working out.

As for Emily, she would never lower herself to any of this tomfoolery in the first place. "Just serve my treat on the good silver, dear."

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