Friday, June 10, 2005

Photo Friday: Dangerous Expedition, Part 1

I admit we can be terribly inconsistent, because we don't let the boys burrow under the bed covers nearly as much as Emily. We let her do it for three reasons:

  • She seems to do it for warmth. (She may have low body temperature caused by her age and health.)
  • She doesn't burrow very deep, so she won't suffocate (and we can find her),
  • She doesn't pounce on human toes if she encounters them while spelunking.

And like the boys doing it, it's cute.

To be honest, we've been known to tuck Emily in when she needs it.

Back when it was cold enough for Emily to really snuggle under the flannel sheets, Whitey went exploring.


1 comment:

  1. Millie will sometimes sleep on Emily's bed, but doesn't burrow. Tonight she was perched on the top bed and looked like she was waiting to attack. Emily was relieved when the cat decided to go downstairs.