Sunday, July 10, 2005

Daily stench: Double Ended Problems

I am in charge again, which as always means the inmates are actually running the place.

Dinner was an adventure with Emily.

I went up check on her. As soon I opened the door, I saw a piece of cat feces on the floor of the bedroom. (Fortunately, it was near but not in the path of the door.) I checked her litterbox, she missed that as well. From the location of and fur on the bedroom feces, it looks like she missed the box and had some get stuck to her to boot, which she cleaned off on the bed.

(Did I mention I need to wash the white blanket from the bed? Barely visible, so it should come clean.)

She also had thrown up in three places, no extra charge.

All of this raises several issues, most of which I can stall on while holding down the fort, but none of which are pleasant:

  1. The cat feces in the middle of the bedroom is new behavior, or at least something I have not seen in months and was rare when it did happen.
  2. This is the second time today she has thrown up

    (and yes, Katherine had been medicating her past few days after a break to get more cat friendly Tagamet)
  3. This is the third time in four days she has thrown up.
  4. She threw up with food in her.

    (Normally she only throws up after drinking lots of water when hungry).

My core concerns are she's starting to lose more control of her digestive tract and/or we're going to lose patience with her current problems.

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