Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Quote (Meow) of the Day

Katherine: Emily is being mysterious. (mewing at me)
Drew: She's being Emily.

The Wreck of The Edmund FitzFountain

We caught Whitey disassembling one of the fountains and figured out how he does it. He reaches over the top of the cover, hooks his claws over the edge, and pulls. This keeps his paws from getting wet in case he forgets to unplug the fountain first.

Once that's done, it's easy for Billy to grab the filter. We haven't figured out how they manage to pull the reservoir out -- essentially a big plastic bottle -- but it was in the middle of the dining room floor this morning.

The boys were in fine form in other ways this morning, too. There are two entrances to our front hall, one from the dining room and one from the living room. Both boys went charging toward the hallway cat tower, one through each entrance. They both leaped at the same time... and collided in mid-air. No harm done, and Billy even recovered quickly enough to seize the high ground in the tower.

Monday, January 30, 2006

The Wrecking Crew

Billy is on an eternal quest to climb the shelves for the cat teasers which hibernate at the top of them.

In the space of one afternoon, Billy managed to knock off tables or shelves or knock over on the floor trying to reach shelves:

  • A wastebasket
  • A miniature souvenir baseball bat.
  • A random radio knob
  • A SCSI computer cable.
  • Two coasters and a full sugar bowl with lid.

Needless to say, the full sugar bowl and friends was the most single impressive incident, especially since the lid broke. For now, the sugar bowl been replaced with a cat resistant Tupperware container.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Photo Extra: Hacker Cat

From our friend sebab, comes her cat and its favorite reading material.

Stable is good

Not much change since the last weigh-in. The boys gained a little, but I'll wait and see what happens once they've been on the weight control food for a little while.

Billy: 14 lbs 9.5 oz
Whitey: 13 lbs 3.5 oz
Emily: 6 lbs. 8 oz.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Good Playmate

Since I occasionally play rough with Billy (I like to rub his tummy, which he usually doesn't think much of), Katherine is amazed I still have all my fingers. He puts up with it because a) his brother does worse to him, and b) I make it up to him with kitty treats or by picking him up and boosting him to the magic shelf used to store the feathers. (Billy especially likes this because after he sniffs at the toys, I take one down and use it to play with him.)

I didn't play rough this morning, but I did play stupid. In the midst of teasing him with the feline feather duster (especially waving it in his blind spots), I went to pet him. Billy assumed this was another pass by the duster, and as fast as he could twisted and bit the evil attacker, which was actually my thumb.

However, he didn't bite as hard as he could. He didn't even break the skin.

Good kitty!

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Sauce is The Boss

My personal (unwanted) motto is I eat, therefore I wear.

I lived down to this for dinner this evening, which caused a later discovery while I was at the computer and Emily examined my stained shirt.

Emily likes barbarcue sauce!

Sunday, January 22, 2006


7:15 AM

Noise happens.
Me (awake in sitting my office): What's that gurgling noise?
Katherine (mostly asleep in bed): What noise?
Me: Emily throwing up?
Katherine: No.

7:18 AM

More noise happens.
Katherine: That's the sound of Emily throwing up.

Unfortunately, Emily also threw up while we gone mid to late morning.

All this is in addition to her throwing up on the bed several days ago, which we never got around to logging.

The not exactly weekly weigh-in

We're getting a little sloppy about weighing the beasts. Not good, especially since weight loss is usually one of the first signs that Emily's digestive system is acting up. This week's numbers are:

Billy: 14 lbs 8 oz. Unchanged.
Whitey: 13 lbs 1 oz. Down 1 oz.
Emily: 6 lbs. 9.5 oz. Up 5.5 oz., though this is a post-dinner weight and therefore unreliable.

Since last time, we've switched the boys over to weight control food, but started giving them a little more of it. We'll wait another few weeks before changing anything else.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Good Morning, World

I have a very optimized morning routine, which is basically out of bed, start hot water in bathroom (wakes up the hot water heater for later), power on my computer (to use later), retrieve morning paper downstairs, and return to bathroom to shut off water and use the facilities.

With Emily's recent problems, she is now promoted to the front of the queue, which actually makes the sequence start with flushing the boys from bedroom, closing the bedroom door, retrieve Emily's upstairs food dish, and serve pre-breakfast to her. This is complicated by the fact that she's generally sitting by (a mostly asleep) Katherine's arm.

However, she does appreciate good service -- she is now greeting me at the foot of the bed for her meal, and is even willing to move to my (now empty) side of the bed to eat it.

Next, we'll be up at 3 AM to feed her.

Ten Pounds of Worms in a Five Pound Bag

Yesterday, for the first time on a long time, the boys shared the penthouse of a condo, sitting side by side to look out the bedroom window.

They used to do this a fair amount, even sleeping together, but that was before it was stuffing 27+ pounds of a cats into a 20 pound condo.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Computing Kitten

Whenever I pop a cover on a computer, Billy has to check it out. I don't know why. Maybe he thinks I keep the kitty treat stash in there?

In any case, nothing makes me happier than seeing my favorite static electricity generator sticking his head into the midst of energized components. Not!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Little old kitten from Pasadena

Just as we were sitting down to dinner last night, we heard the unmistakable sounds of kitten soccer: a ball bouncing on the floor and the woodwork, with a cat in hot pursuit.

Much to our surprise, the feline who came into view a moment later was .... Emily.

She tends to be shy when the humans catch her playing, maybe because she thinks it's undignified. But watching her bound after a ball makes us smile.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Photo Friday: Peace in Our Time

Emily doesn't like Billy much. He's not as respectful as she would like. Plus he weighs more than twice as much as she does, which probably makes him a little intimidating. But there's only so much room on my futon. After being very disappointed with me because I wouldn't make him move, she settled in for a nap.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Weekly Weigh-in

Up one week, down the next...

Billy: 14 lbs 8 oz.
Whitey: 13 lbs 2.5 oz.
Emily: 6 lbs 4 oz.

Four Pawed Explorers

The previously threatened basement work was done last week. The mason even thinks the work made the basement waterproof, and to call him if we have any leaks come spring.

Not surprisingly, the basement was covered in dust after all this work, and so our cleaning service was given the special project of cleaning all the surfaces yesterday. The dust is history now.

What the cleaners didn't do well on was closing the basement door after themselves. Katherine got home after a few hours, and as she came in up popped our tiger explorers, fresh from hours of checking out the basement.

I guess we have properly secured the basement against feline hazards, since they did return from their explorations in one healthy piece each instead being found collapsed on the basement floor. But we'll still keep closing the door.

(The cleaners have been yelled at.)

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Photo Friday: Emily Snack Time

Also from the new camera, we have this shot of Emily checking the coast is clear before enjoying her hourly snack on Katherine's desk.

Emily and her Snack


Emily says I need to write a book. Or two. Or three. I should emulate the lunatic in my writer's group who approaches a million words a year.

Why? Because I do my writing while sitting on my office futon, in proper self-heating cat cushion position. She's been especially appreciative lately, with lots of head butts and purring.

The vet thinks her morning tummy troubles are due to a stomach that gets sour when empty, and recommends feeding her as early as possible. The best solution would be a food dish with a timer, except Thing 1 and Thing 2 (aka Billy and Whitey) would raid it. He doesn't think changing her medicine would help, and didn't ask me to bring her in. We already know what the problem is, after all.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Emily ... again

After a single day off, Emily threw up before breakfast again. Time to call the vet.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Really Mighty Hunters

So I was looking around for some information about house cats, and I found this little tidbit:

Training is recommended for this cat to prevent unfortunate accidents involving other animals as well as people. It is essential the Tiger be taught not to bite, claw, or climb on handlers. A small problem in a Tiger cub can become a large one in a fully matured Siberian Tiger adult.

Um, yeah. I can see how being climbed on or clawed by a fully mature Siberian Tiger (300-500 pounds) could have, um, "unfortunate" consequences. But I'm not sure I'd call them "accidents." Humans are supposed to be smart enough to stay out of the way of other predators.

Tigers belong in Siberia, not someone's backyard.

Monday, January 2, 2006

Emily: The Daily Stench

Unfortunately, this stench report is a summary of truly daily occurrences.

We've skipped logging a few minor incidents with Emily throwing up in recent weeks, but today marked the third day in a row that she threw up before or after breakfast. (It may actually be the fourth day.)

The good news is that Katherine heard it coming, and gently booted Emily off the bed quilt, which she's already soiled twice.

The more important bad news is that Emily probably needs to go to the vet again.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Sunday funnies

There's actually more of a story behind this week's Photo Friday than Drew explained. I got out of the shower and sat down to read the paper. Whitey materialized out of nowhere, hopped up on the bed, walked over, reached up and licked one of my eyebrows, and then settled down on the paper. Even if he hadn't been in the way, I was now laughing too hard to read.