Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Product of the Year

Whitey continues to get his medication nightly, delivered by Katherine's deft fingers with kitty treat appetizers and chasers as both reward and insurance he swallows.

However, Katherine needs to go back to Boston for business and Aikido for a week, and my fingers are anything but deft. So it was off to the big box pet store together to find a pill shooter (pry mouth open, fire pill down throat).

The helpful salesperson actually knew his stock, but did not hear us properly -- he took us into the correct aisle and then handed us something called "Pill Pockets", which are hollow cat treats to hide pills in. We accepted them, and then found the pill shooter we came for and took that too.

Pill Pockets win. We haven't touch the pill shooter since it got home. Katherine took one look at how Whitey gobbles the pockets with the pill inside, and her deft fingers are now devoted to stuffing Pill Pockets too.

This product find is right up there with the catzilla sized scale and the Cat Paper.

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