Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fast Forward

An update on The Gray Mouser

We still haven't put posters up around the neighborhood. That's bad.

I did put an ad on Google a couple of weeks ago, which taught some me some cool stuff about Ad Words (like location restricted ads!), but was probably two weeks too late.

Meanwhile, the Mouser is now free to roam in the house all day, given privacy only for meals.

His personal space has shrunk dramatically, which in practical terms means he's not constantly prepared to defend a bubble 5+ feet around him. He will sound off if a tiger strolls to almost within reach.

Yesterday evening he joined us downstairs to watch the Celtics win their 17th NBA championship, crashed for part of the game on top of the sofa where Katherine or I could pet him while the boys lounged in their usual spots (window and kitchen counter). A week ago, the Mouser was afraid to be downstairs for more than 60 seconds or one noise, which ever came first.

Last night he decided to sleep on Katherine's pillow, until he got booted by the owner. Then he slept between our pillows. The Catzilla brothers were no where to be found, which was odd for Billy but not a worry -- during the summer they aren't nearly (literally) the heat seekers that they are in the winter.

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