Friday, September 12, 2008

Photo Friday: A Place to Call His Own

The Grey Mouser needs a new home in the Seattle area.

While we've decided that The Grey Mouser can peacefully co-exist with the Catzilla brothers, we think he should join a household in which he can be the sole feline lord and master. Then, he can relax and be the incredibly social and lovable cat he is, rather than spending a portion of each day assuming defensive positions in and under our library furniture to avoid the boys' attempts to play with him.

Click on the thumbnails for larger photos.

Mouser-Bed-Lounge.jpg     Mouser-Bed-Alert.jpg

Various succinct details:
  • He is a neutered male weighing ~ 9 pounds, and is about two years old.
  • He likes most people with almost no introduction needed, and is quite mellow.
  • We found him camped out under our patio table in May 2008.
  • He is an indoor cat. He hated the aforementioned camping out.
  • He has a clean bill of health, current shots, and has been microchipped by us.
  • He can do without other cats, especially those that would bully him. We don't picture him as a dog lover, either.
  • He's a long hair in the best and worst of ways -- his long silky fur is wonderful to stroke, but does need regular brushing.
  • He can be vocal, chirping or sadly meowing, when he's hungry or lonely.
  • He is infinitely pettable (he never gets bored).
  • He likes to sleep on the bed near his human(s).
The Fine Print: Before you adopt him, you'll need to convince us that he's found a good home with a loyal valet. We'll expect a donation to a local cat rescue organization as evidence of your loyalty.

Updated: He has a new set of valets! See the follow up post.

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