Sunday, November 23, 2008

Leap of faith

If I'd only had a camera...

I was sitting on the couch downstairs, with my head at one end and my feet just past the middle. Billy was sitting on the six-foot bookshelf to my left. Rather than take the long way down -- down to the shorter bookshelf, down to the floor, and around to the front of the couch -- he made a direct leap from bookshelf to back of couch, about four feet.

And then the soft poofy cushioned back gave way, dumping him onto my feet.

Which, fortunately, were protected by a blanket but which, in their unexpected rigidity, caused him to leap straight up in the air.

From whence he cascaded down to the floor.

I was still laughing when he hopped back up, carefully sniffing around for the strange foreign objects that had interrupted his leap. Poor Billy...

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