Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Kitten Who Cried Wolf

As previously noted, we get fair chunk of night time meowing which we find best to ignore -- Timmy isn't really stuck at the bottom of the well again, rather the boys either suddenly can't find the bedroom or are not so suddenly just bored.

However, when I put away the kitty treats last night, Whitey snuck into the closet before I could close the door, and I failed to check that it was empty.

Around 4 AM, a soft mew woke up me twice, and after the second time I realized it sounded too persistent and too far away to be a normal bored Whitey meow. I got up and looked around. Knowing he's been closed up before, I checked my closet first, and a relieved Whitey popped out.

Both he and my closet seem no worse for the experience.

And no, he didn't raid the treats, they go on a high shelf, inaccessible to even our acrocats

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