Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The New Adventures of Spider-Cat

We had another hair ball tonight, but that's not the big event of the night.

Our guest bathroom is off the hallway by the stairs, directly across from where Billy dove off head first a few months ago. We keep the upstairs cleaning supplies in there, and after cleaning up the hairball, I went in there to store the paper towel. Whitey darted in with me, and took up residence in the bathtub.

I got smart, and got a little water from the faucet to dribble on him.

Okay, maybe not smart.

He came out of the bathtub like he was catapulted, across the bathroom, across the hall, up the 30 inch high railing, and over, having forgotten the other side is a 7 foot drop. Since I've seen this before, I didn't fear (as much) for his life as I did when he was a kitten and fell off the second story.

I should have guessed the ending -- even though the railing is polished wood and not carpet, he somehow reversed his direction and hauled himself up onto the railing with mostly his front paws.

The Spider-Cat lives.

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