Thursday, August 6, 2009

Five for Fighting

We have failed to update our loyal readers on Oscar. He's alive, here, reckless, and trying to take over the place. In particular, he has been left out most nights, with varying peace for us and the boys during the early morning hours. No more...

After a week of record hot weather, things have cooled off. This means that Billy has returned to his role of bedtime Kitten-in-Chief, snuggling up Katherine after she goes to bed. He's very good at it too, being reasonable about her moving and even me getting up in the middle of the night to use the little valet's room. He can acknowledge a gentle ear scritch and go back to sleep (the same would wind up Oscar like a top).

Yesterday morning, Oscar got bored at 4 AM and decided to visit the bed. After noisily poking around for a bit, he decided the most fun thing he could do was pounce on the sleeping Billy. Fun for him maybe, neither Billy nor I viewed this in a positive light. When distressed meowing started, I hissed at Oscar, but Billy took at the warning as directed at himself and bugged out. Oscar almost went to jail (the library with the door closed), but things immediately quieted down, so I left the parolee out.

This morning, Oscar again visited the bed and pounced on the Kitten-in-Chief. I immediately grabbed Oscar, and peeled him off. He didn't got the message, and so it was rinse and repeat twice more. After the third peel, Oscar was scooped up and sent to jail. Do not pass Go, do not collect kitty treats.

Meanwhile Billy had jumped down, but I scooped him up (far more gently than I did Oscar), set him on the bed, and told him what a good boy he was. I then nudged him towards Katherine, and he padded over and returned to his duties.

The entire adventure woke me up and stressed me enough that I didn't get back to sleep for almost three hours. This is not good.

Oscar gets jail at night until we can figure out how to enforce the rules at 3 AM.

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