Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dawn Patrol: Good Morning to You Too

We don't write much any more about feline alarm clocks, random litterbox misses or hairballs, because well, they are random and known.

This morning was a tad unique, as Oscar jumped the gun shortly after 5 AM. While he normally waits until I am awake to come by and purr at me, this first thought I had this morning was that Oscar had arrived. Maybe he saw me move in my sleep and decided I was awake. He was sweet about it though -- there are way worse things to wake up than the full throated purr of a gently affectionate cat.

This morning was also odd, because I have a cough which kept scaring him off. However, he kept coming back, and got his fur stroked each time. Not I got much sleep for during this cycle, which lasted ~ 45 minutes.

All finally went quiet however, and I drifted back to sleep ... until I heard Billy cough up a hairball down in the living room.

A loyal valet's work is never done, even if we don't post every occurrence of each task.

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