Friday, May 25, 2012

Photo Friday: Oscar After the Vet

I'm delighted to present Oscar after his annual checkup and vaccinations.

Oscar Relaxing in my Office After his Checkup
The vet gave us more kudos for our weight management.  The vet thought Oscars's teeth should be cleaned (say next year), and that he's generally a healthy boy.

Due to strong objections from Oscar, the vet never did get Oscar's temperature.

Last year's visit didn't go so well, when for over a day afterwards Oscar's legs were weak and he generally seemed under the weather.  This year, after he calmed down, he was relaxed, mobile, and even social.

Some nasty hisses went Penwiper's way after approaching too close while Oscar was still chilling, but Penwiper could use a few lessons in manners anyway.

Best of all, Oscar ate dinner normally.

There was the small matter of him soiling his carrier (and couple of spots in the house after he got turned loose), but those were easily cleaned up, and hey ... it was a stressful afternoon for our smallest Overlord.

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