Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Life (and Paw) is Good: A diary

Monitoring low maintenance Whitey and his paw bandage (June 6th)
A few quotes from my Facebook stream:

June 12th - Whitey's sturdy paw bandage is off, replaced by a bandaid. The latter, as expected, lasted ~ an hour. Doctor says not to worry about it.

June 10th - Don't tell our vet, but Whitey (with his bandaged paw) left collarless overnight. Bandage still intact after 36 hours of feline freedom.

June 6th - Every five minutes, my Mac reminds me to check on Whitey. This ensures he is not attempting to damage his bandage. As you can see, checking on him is not terribly strenuous. The only thing less strenuous is being Whitey himself.

Note, by the way, that just out of the picture is Billy in his sun drenched chair. He makes his brother look alert.

June 6th - Whitey left UNCOLLARED & alone (and asleep) for an hour while I went for a bagel & @kewms rode her bike. Bandage untouched. #FaithRewarded

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