Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Hallway Big Dig

So Katherine and I are in my office discussing Rock'n'Roll songs that all sound vaguely alike, and we hear this digging out in the hall. This sound is not a shock per se, since there is a litterbox out there, and even the sound of litter hitting the newspaper surrounding the box is not of major interest.

But sound of the litter furiously hitting the newspaper puts Katherine in motion, and she was wise to check -- the boys had gotten over a cup of kitty litter out of the box and were going strong landscaping it on the newspaper.

All we can figure is something smelled from a previous litterbox visit. The boys decided the smell was coming from the front page of the Boston Globe -- and promptly went to work to bury it.

I didn't think the Edwards Cheney debate stank that much ...

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