Thursday, October 14, 2004

Wipe Your Feet

Like most litterboxes, the ones at the kitten farm get their share of litter tracked, spilled, or tossed out of the box. When I was in PetCo yesterday getting a cat carrier (more on that later), I saw a litterbox mat, and I bought it.

The mat is basically a rug of fake plastic grass about twice the floor space area of a litterbox. It's reasonably soft surface, but weird enough feel that it got field testing in a neutral area.

The field test, set up in the doorway between the living room and dining, has utterly failed. The boys don't want to step on the mat. To avoid it, they use their agile four paw drive to leap, twist, squeeze and otherwise avoid stepping on it.

I served dinner on it, thus showing a way to make Billy eat less. He snacked and bolted; we relented and moved the dishes back to their usual location.

I think the mat is going back, we don't need a new reason for litterbox rejection.

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