Tuesday, April 12, 2005

For The Birds

In the midst of our other dietary adventures, Whitey has decided act like a teenager and be fickle about what he eats in terms of IAMS wet food.

He ate chicken one evening, and then refused to touch it for the rest of the can (four servings per tiger in each can). Chow-line Billy pinch hit, and ate it for him, while Whitey survived on kibble.

Whitey had previously liked both cat fish and ocean fish, then more recently refused turkey. Now he's been wolfing down the current favor, Lamb and Rice.

Katherine thinks she has figured it out: no birds!

Lucky for Whitey, all the IAMS have not more than 0.025% Magnesium; cheap cat food (especially fish flavors) can have more, which is dangerous to their long term health.

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