Friday, April 1, 2005

The Pharmacy America Trusts

Emily has been to the vet.

They discovered what we knew, which is Emily can be quite agile when you're doing things she doesn't like. I think it took them three tries to draw a blood sample, so she is shaved in three different places.

They are checking her for possible kidney failure, which in turn could be giving her an ulcer.

For the ulcer we were sent to get over the counter liquid Tagamet, which doesn't exist -- you can only get the liquid form by prescription.

So back to the Vet for a prescription.

We have now have an official Walgreens prescription for Cat Derbyshire, with a dosage of 0.3 ml every 12 hours to be given orally to Emily.

The label does mention both Cat and Emily in different places. It's all rather surreal, especially the note on the standard paper work that they need her birthday ...


  1. You forgot the best part. "Have we filled for this patient before?"
    Plus me asking the vet if a prescription for Katherine "Emily" Derbyshire could be filled on my insurance. (It couldn't.)
    For people not living in Stoneham, it helps to know that the vet and the pharmacy are about two blocks apart, but with a major state highway between them, and it was 5:00 on a Friday.

  2. Gee, maybe we could file it under MY insurance. Oh wait, it's under my married name, not Derbyshire.

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