Monday, March 6, 2006

The Forgotten Entry Title

This post has no title because I have forgotten the great one I composed when the indicated event happened. I am to be excused, however, because it was 1 AM and I had been woken out of a sound sleep. I've also forgotten at least one great comment from Katherine which she made at the time.

The event itself was Billy arriving in bed. While normally this may or may not half wake me, it doesn't make me alert and certainly it's not worthy of note here.

However, normally Billy doesn't drop something on the bed when he arrives. He did last night, and It sounded liked a toy foil ball. However, Katherine announced the good news: he had a filter from the dining room water fountain. Actually she didn't announce which fountain, but since we had not heard him disassembling the bedroom fountain, it had to be from downstairs.

She took the filter back down, reassembled the fountain, and duck taped the power cord. Then she came back and crashed.

At least the present wasn't a live mouse, which happened once to a friend of mine many years ago. (An event made more exciting by the mouse taking off under the covers towards the foot of the bed, with the presenting cat in hot pursuit. The humans bailed.)


  1. "I thought you played with those guys."

  2. Vickie brought me a live mouse once, which also ended up under my bed. I seem to recall having to bring Dad in to deal with it.