Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fire In The Hole ...

The problem with shake can grenades at 5 AM is if that you're supposed to punish meowing with it, you need the perp to keeping meowing until you're ready to toss the device.

Unfortunately, if the cat hears you get up to get the can and position to toss it, he may settle down because he assumes you're headed downstairs to greet him. Never mind stealth, we're talking about a species which hunts with their ears.

For that matter, if you buy them off being for being quiet with kitty treats, it would be nice if they stayed bought for longer than the time it takes them to go back down stairs.

At least when I finally did get off a grenade at 5:45 AM it shut Billy up.

1 comment:

  1. Bootsies, who'd been sleeping in the guest room, started that morning mewing a week or so ago.
    She now spends her nights downstairs with Millie.