Saturday, October 21, 2006

Mom's Home!

Katherine has returned.

They were so distracted by her appearance (and of course, she had luggage to explore!), I could not get Billy to play with a pom pom while she unpacked.

The boys have returned to their normal overnight kitten pile anchored by her.

After they settled down, there was virtually no meowing until 7:45 AM.

(Actually, the boys were kinder the last two nights she was gone, as well. With Whitey on morning meow duty, he let me sleep until almost 7AM Thursday, and on Friday he let me go until 7:30 AM. That's not say he didn't wake me at 5:30 AM with a meow, he did. But he doesn't have the volume or the persistence of his brother the Power Meower, so I could go back to sleep.)

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