Friday, January 19, 2007

Photo Friday: Some Disassembly Required

As noted, Billy loves not only drinking from the fountains, but disassembling them too. Normally he just steals the filter by popping the lid, but this week, after I velcroed the cord to keep it from being unplugged, he went for the gusto and attacked the new tape. The result was the cord provided leverage to disassemble most of the fountain.

Fountain Exploded

It's not visible from the picture, but the funny part was that Billy didn't actually get the filter out of its holding place in the superstructure (right of picture).


  1. Now I can save even more. When I don't buy a SSSScat, I won't buy an automatic fountain, either. ;-)

  2. Actually the fountain is designed so that you can take it apart to clean it. Billy just expedited the process for us.