Monday, January 29, 2007


Whitey hasn't gained any more, but 13 lbs 12 oz is still a little high for him. Billy is up a little, but right where he should be at 13 lbs 8 oz. We are attempting to cut Whitey's food while keeping Billy's the same. Wish us luck! Our best hope is that both boys eat their wet food so fast that Whitey won't have a chance to raid Billy's. We'll see how it works.

(Theoretically we could feed them in separate rooms. Since they've been eating together since they were kittens, though, we want to avoid changing the routine if we can.)


  1. Good luck! Makes me glad that our routine already is to feed them separately. And to skip the wet food altogether. I did notice that Bootsies jumped up on the desk at precisely 3 PM today, the earliest I'll feed them. Here it is 3:08 and I still haven't done it. Better run!

  2. The wet food actually helps with this project, since they both eat it very quickly. Neither tiger will abandon a bowl containing wet food. They're much less interested in the dry food, and tend to swap bowls a lot. "Hey! Yours looks yummier than mine!"