Friday, February 2, 2007

Hey, wait, that was mine!

I had takeout sushi for dinner last night. Raw fish is not that common a visitor to the Kitten Farm, so we offered the boys a tiny bite of salmon each. (Carefully avoiding wasabi or soy sauce contamination.) Billy inhaled his and went looking for more. Whitey sniffed at his, looked at Drew as if to say, "Are you sure this stuff is food?" About the time he figured out it was, Billy nudged him out of the way and made it disappear. Mew!


  1. Based on the preceding post, maybe it's just as well!

  2. Actually, that's not fair to Billy. I physically held a ready Billy back until Whitey actually walked away.
    Billy had part two of his snack, left, and then Whitey decided it was food.
    And I did give Whitey soft kitty treats to console him.