Tuesday, June 5, 2007

All Quiet on the Western Front

With the boys unleashed to the expanse of the Kitten Farm West, the 4 AM meowing we were getting in the temporary corporate housing has all but disappeared.

This could be influenced by any number of things, but Katherine and I both view the house itself as a primary reason. With two stories and (more than) the square of footage of the Kitten Farm East,the boys feel they have the full run of their domain again. Furthermore, the details make the place "whole". Katherine has an office upstairs, dinner is served in the dining room, Billy has an approved ledge to supervise from in the kitchen, and kitty treats (not to mention brothers) are chased on the stairs.

It doesn't also hurt that all of their possessions are here, including Katherine's often photographed futon, the other three cat towers, the other fountains, and of course Whitey's milk delivery platform, AKA the piano.

Over all, we are each headed back towards our traditional routines, and that includes the boys letting us sleep.

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