Sunday, July 15, 2007


As noted elsewhere, Whitey is the less active of our two boys. Compared to Billy, he can act like a lazy bum, but in reality Katherine and I both realize that what Whitey is really doing is simply observing the world around him in a serene feline manner. If Billy wants to get up and run around and take an active part in that world, that's fine with his brother; he'll wait for the kitty treats.

The only problem with Whitey is and his Zen like attitude is that he chooses to exhibit this serenity even when observing the world from places where he should not be in the first place. On two trips into the kitchen last night about 20 minutes apart, both times I found him serenely lying on the main kitchen counter next to the sink with his paws folded under him like he had not a care in the world. (The Mist of Doom was deployed both times.)

Maybe he figures that if rats can be chefs, mighty feline hunters (and bums) can become chefs too, and he should hang around the kitchen until somebody teaches him. Then he can open those pesky cans.

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