Sunday, July 8, 2007

More Alarums And Excursions

Last night brought us more midnight joy from the boys.

We suspected that we were in trouble early, when Billy decided that things were too quiet and he needed to meow just as we were going to bed. Sometimes this is not an issue, other times, like last night, he has more patience for his meowing then I have for going to sleep. I managed to finally drift off.

By the middle of the night the boys had moved on to considering disassembling the fountain. This was attempted multiple times, despite my best efforts to convince them that they really did not want to be playing with it.

Also, in the middle of the night, the boys chose to explore the downstairs laundry room where I had stored spare InterMetro polls for building new shelves. I know they did this because I heard the poles crash to the floor. I investigated primarily to ensure that we still had two healthy cats after their misadventure. We did.

However, the crowning achievement of the night was more towards dawn, when Whitey decided check out what is normally Billy's department, namely the toilet roll dispenser. In his FRAP state he managed unwind to just enough toilet paper so it reached the floor. And like a true FRAP cat, he then took off with the T.P. attached to him so that it to unspooled halfway across our new spacious bathroom floor.

As in Friday's refrigerator incident, I was too stunned and amused to chastise him.

(Katherine later lectured Billy that Billy needs to learn how to do things like Whitey in so cute a manner that we don't chastise him for it. I, on the other hand, am not sure we want to hold up Whitey as an example to Billy.)

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  1. Perhaps they are trying to make you into a liar for saying that they are crepuscular instead of nocturnal.