Saturday, November 10, 2007

Raiders of the Lost Kitty Treats

Last night, the boys decided to raid the treat supply cabinet. This didn't work, because it was rubberbanded shut, but they tried hard enough that Katherine set out a field of shake cans to deter them.

This morning, shake cans could be heard falling as the boys tried to move breakfast up by a half hour or so.

I disassembled the shake can field when I fed them breakfast, since it was in the way, and clearly happy fed cats wouldn't raid the supply cabinet.

What was I thinking?

Around noon, I went downstairs and found the rubberband from the kitten food cabinet broken, and a tall plastic jar of kitty treats fallen over on the floor with the lid off. Oddly enough, no loose kitty treats had fallen out when it went flying, and there were no kitty treats within a easy paw's reach of the top of the fallen jar. There were however, two innocent looking cats, both of whom are known for a) being feline neat freaks, and b) not leaving food behind.

You don't suppose there were spilled treats but that the boys vacuumed them up?

The door is now secured with double rubberbands, and a note has been filed with maintenance to get those magnetic latches up.

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