Friday, January 9, 2009

Photo Friday: Tigers roasting by an open fire

The boys approve of the Kitten Farm West. It has many features that were lacking in the original Summerhill Kitten Farm. Carpet, big windows for birdwatching (and a wide variety of birds to watch), even a fireplace. They don't think we use the kitty roaster nearly enough, so Christmas morning was a special treat for them.


(That's the hearth off to the left. We have a picture that shows the actual fire, but thought it was misleading because the boys appear to be awake.)

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  1. They don't think of it as "carpet". They think of it as "improved traction" in most of the house. (Which makes it pretty funny when they hit the kitchen floor and try to turn as if it were carpeted ...)

    Also, lest one panic over fire safety, it's a gas fireplace with a glass front. The boys couldn't explore it too closely if they wanted to.