Thursday, February 12, 2009

Down But Not Out

Billy give us a nasty scare this evening, even worse than Whitey's problems after exercising a few weeks ago.

He was chasing a cat teaser up and down the waist high cat condo in the bedroom when he slipped and landed funny. It took him a moment to get up, and when he did he was heavily favoring his left rear leg. In five years of playing with The Mighty Hunter, I have never seem him with an obvious limp, no matter how high a jump or how awkward a landing.

Needless to say, playtime was over.

Katherine and I watched him, and over the next ten minutes he seemed to mostly recover, to our great relief. After fifteen minutes, he was jumping to the top of the dresser (not that we told him to) and back down.

We'll take it easy with him for a couple of days, although I doubt he'll be easy on himself.

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