Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tummy trouble, or just picky?

As mentioned, last week someone lost most of his dinner. Then we had a couple of hairballs over the last few days. Then yesterday, Billy didn't have much interest in his breakfast. So I sat up and took notice this morning, when he did the usual happy Billy breakfast routine, sniffed at his bowl, and trotted back to me. "Got anything else?" he seemed to be asking.

Lack of appetite is a big red flag for cats, so we called the vet. But his energy level was fine and his body language was fine. The vet suspected he was just looking for a better offer, like a different flavor of food. (Or maybe some of that cheese I had at lunch yesterday... Or treats!)

So we picked up a few cans of a different flavor. Sure enough, he attacked dinner with all his usual energy. So much so that he forgot to stage his usual raid on Whitey's bowl until after Whitey had finished.

We think the problem is solved, but we'll also be a bit more aggressive about washing the food bowls. It's possible that he smelled something off or something like that.

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