Monday, September 6, 2004

Daily Stench

Emily both has a mildly loose stool, and she threw up today. The latter had no solids, but may have been an attempt to cough up a hairball.

Guess we can try the anti-hairball formula food we bought her by mistake after all.


  1. Um, gee, thanks for sharing. For the record, Millie had hairballs even when on the hairball formula food. And she won't take the hairball medication (that most cats love) without a major battle. You have to rub it into the fur on her front leg so she'll have to lick it clean instead of shaking it off, then you quickly throw her into the laundry room so she doesn't rub it off on the furniture. Personally, I'd rather just clean up the occasional hairball.

  2. You were warned this was an online lab notebook!