Saturday, September 18, 2004

Maintenance Mayhem

This weekend the cats were not using up their nine lives, but the humans were living dangerously.

First I went to refill the water fountain, the tank for which has a self sealing cap with a weight and a little plunger. This reduces leaks as you flip it over to insert into the fountain. When the tank is fully seated, the fountain base pushes the plunger up, and water flows as needed, like a normal water cooler. Well, I managed to break off the plunger. The tank was still usable, but now one best only flip it over into the bowl and seat it promptly.

Then Katherine took the water pitcher downstairs for me, along with Emily's lunch dish. I got on the web to look for replacement tank parts, and I heard a BOOM. Katherine had slipped on the stairs in her socks ... there was dry cat food over all the stairs.

It was time to find the vacuum before the boys decided they wanted a change of diet...

(Katherine is fine, thank you for asking.)

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