Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Tigers and tigers and tigers, oh my!

The boys just want to thank their Aunt Catherine for linking to the Louisville Zoo's three Sumatran tiger cubs. They were devastated when I explained that Mohan, Jai, and Leela would be more likely to eat them than to play with them.


  1. Any ideas why the cats choose other places to pee? We also have three cats but last night that number almost changed drastically after ONE of the three decided to use the spot between both of our pillows as the bathroom. We have an electric litterbox and two regular ones and they all use those as well, but sometimes......
    Just wondering.

  2. If you figure it out, please tell us!
    The books say that a very visible mistake like that is probably a sign that something is wrong. Either the litterbox is unacceptable (probably dirty), the cat is sick, or the cat is upset about something. Are the litterboxes clean? Did you try a new brand of litter? Added a new family member (animal or human) or dramatically changed your work schedule? If you can't figure out a possible external cause, see the vet before you decide it's a purely behavioral problem.